I.C.C.P. System

I.C.C.P. System

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Typical Layout Of Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System


· Gives the first class protection against corrosion on underwater hull surfaces by feeding automatically a D.C current through the anodes to polarise cathodically the surfaces to be protected and controlling the hull-to-reference potential at the optimum level.

· Ships of all types ranging from ULCCs to small boats, offshore rigs, semi-submersible and other marine structures

Features & Benefits

· Fully automatic operation enabling hull potentials to be kept at their optimum at all times
· Protection of hull over long periods while hull coating systems deteriorate from inevitable mechanical damage and imperfections
· Longer internals between dry dockings
· Minimum frictional resistance on the hull
· Minimum time and cost for maintenance
· Protection of propeller, propeller shaft and rudder