Impressed Current Cathodic Protection SYSTEM (I.C.C.P. SYSTEM)

Direct and indirect economic losses caused by the chemical or electrochemical reaction of metal materials to the surrounding environment are about 3~5% of GNP.
That's why it's very important to prevent corrosion of your good vessel which is your valuable asset.
Impressed Current Cathodic Protection SYSTEM is a traditional method of protecting hulls most efficiently.
With installation of three simple components of Rectifier, Anode, and Reference Electrode can significantly slow the corrosion rate of the metal by cathodizing the entire hull below sea water.
I.C.C.P. SYSTEM can be applied not only to steel wire but also to steel structures and aluminum vessels. Additionally, you can install the Shaft Grounding Device to protect the Propeller and Shaft.
With 30 years of technology and experience, we can provide an integrated solution that includes design, production, supply and maintenance optimized for your vessel.





Anti-Fouling SYSTEM (Marine Growth Prevention System)

While operating vessels, you may have experienced direct and indirect damage at least once such as frequent maintenance, inefficient operation of vessels and economic losses as marine organism growth in pipes and entrances of seawater cooling circuits in the engine room.
The equipment to prevent this is M.G.P.S. By Installing Cu-Anode (Anti-Fouling), Al-Anode (Anti-Corrosion), and Controller, you can prevent marine organism growth through electrolysis of anode under seawater.
In the case of small ships and Yacht that cannot install the previous M.G.P.S., the 'Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling System' can be applied to prevent damage caused by marine growth in hull and the Sea-Chest.